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Personal Curriculum Planner

Personal Curriculum Planner (Updated 11/19/15)

The MISD Personal Curriculum Planner is a software program that runs in Microsoft Windows that can be used to assist in developing a personal curriculum for a Michigan public high school student. The software conducts an interview of the user, typically a high school counselor, and generates a list of requirements for the subject student’s personal curriculum based on the answers to the interview questions.

The software also contains a printable list of the Michigan Merit Standard high school curriculum.

Important Note: Public Act 186 of 2015 (which was immediately effective December 01, 2015) and Public Act 208 of 2014 and Public Act 293 of 2014 (which supersedes Public Act 209 of 2014 and which was immediately effective September 30, 2014) made changes to the Michigan Merit Curriculum, the Personal Curriculum process, and related items. Those changes are reflected in this version of the MISD Personal Curriculum Planner.

If you wish to be informed when the new version is released, please complete the Registration form.

The software may be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

Personal Curriculum Planner v2.5

(Compatible with Windows XP through Windows 8)

Installation Instructions

Installation of the software requires administrative rights (if you don’t know what this means – ask your computer support staff, or just try to install it and see if it works for you).

Registration Form

Complete the registration form to make sure you are notified of updates to the program.


This software is provided free of charge for use by any Michigan public school district or public school academy. Any other interested party must obtain written permission from Macomb Intermediate School District before installing and/or using this software. This software is provided “as is”, but any potential errors reported to bmccarty@misd.net will be considered and revisions may be posted at any time.