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    44001 Garfield Road
    Clinton Township, MI
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Contact the Staff

Glen H. Peters School Staff Contacts

Jennifer Shelton, Principal
Julee Anderson, Assistant Principal
Office Staff: Lynda Lindsey and Denise Gordon

All staff can be contacted by phone at the school: 586-465-6251
or click on the staff name to send an e-mail.

Classrooms for Severely Cognitively Impaired (SCI) Students
Class Teacher e-mail link  
SCI 1 Laurie Palicke  
SCI 2 Kristina Sinishtaj  
SCI 3 Stacey Swanigan  
SCI 4 Brandy Crocenzi  
SCI 5 Jennifer Penman  
SCI 6 Kyle Wilson  
SCI 7 Jamie Warczinsky  
SCI 8 Mary Beaumont  
SCI 9 Amy Yachcik  
SCI 10 Leigh Rogers  
SCI 11 Shantel Vergote  
Classrooms for Severely Multiply Impaired (SXI) Students
Class Teacher e-mail link  
SXI 1 Rose Karam  
SXI 2 Diane Fissette  
SXI 3 Jean Marsden  
SXI 4 Jackie Lindgren  
SXI 5 Michelle Knight  
SXI 6 Vernette Richards  
SXI 7 Lisa Miller  
SXI 8 Patricia Rydahl  
SXI 9 Dana Elkins & Rebecca Gibson  
SXI 10 Pamela David  
SXI 11 Sarah Job  
SXI 12 Stephanie McNett  
SXI 13 Stephanie Surma  
SXI 14 Bridget Stout  
Classrooms for Moderately Cognitively Impaired (MOCI) Students
Class Teacher e-mail link  
MoCI 1 Gina Bova & Kelly DeMasse  
MoCI 2 Lauren Nolfo  
MoCI 3 Josie Serra  
MoCI 4 Andrea Fischione  
MoCI 5 Michelle David  
MoCI 6 Julia Leach  
Support Staff
Physical Education  Amanda Ternes
Physical Education Ted Kurtz
School Psychologist Shirley Farnsworth
Speech and Language Therapist Jamie Fons
Speech and Language Therapist Eve Ratliff
Speech and Language Therapist Deanne Charron
Speech and Language Therapist Tammy Martoni
Social Worker Deanna Jury
Physical Therapist Kristine Tillman
Physical Therapist Krista Duhaime
Occupational Therapist Polly Meerschaert
Occupational Therapist Lesley Nottle
Occupational Therapist Traci Starke
School Nurse Nancy Lloyd
Building Operator Dave Nicolazzo