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Physical and Other Health Impairment Consultation

The MISD consultant offers services to local school district staff working with students who have a physical or other health impairment in general education and special education.  Specific services most often provided are:

  • Serves as a resource person to help accommodate students with special physical or health needs being educated in local school district special and general education programs. 
  • Observes students in multiple settings, meeting with teachers, therapists, and/or parents to discuss the student's placement considerations.
  • Acts as a liaison between families, staff and agencies for development and delivery of appropriate services.  
  • Develops and presents training opportunities and/or workshops for students with physical or other health impairments and the staff who serve them.
  • Advocates for programs and curricula at the state and local levels to help meet the unique needs of this student population.
  • Participates in local district student educational teams to support the learning of students with physical or other special health needs within Macomb County.