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Autism Consultation

Consultation about students with suspected or confirmed autism is necessary for all referrals to the Autistic Impaired Program. This consultation is also available to the LEA to plan and assist with children with autism in the local school district.  A request for consultation is initiated by the local school district special education director with the consent of the student's parent.

The MISD Form 2 Referral should include the specific nature of the request:

  • Recommendation of instructional strategies for use by the local district team.
  • Pre-program placement consideration
  • Center Program placement
  • 30-Day Temporary Placement

Referral Process:

  1. Submit a Form 2 Referral signed by Director of Special Education and parent to the MISD Senior Director of Center Programs.
    • Materials to be included with the Referral:
    • Current MET with supporting reports (i.e. psychological, teacher report)
    • Speech & Language Report
    • Social History
    • Current IEPT
    • AI Strategy Form
  2. The MISD Center Program Director directs all Form 2 referrals for AI consultation to the MISD Autistic Program and sends a Form 2A authorizing the consultation to the LEA Team.
  3. MISD AI Consultation may include the following:
    • School Observation
    • Teacher Interview
    • Parent Interview
    • Information Rating Scales
    • Records Review
    • Support Staff Interview
    • Discuss Possible Visit with Director/Supervisor
  4. AI Consultation will be available to attend LEA Team Meeting.

Possible Outcomes After Local District Team Meeting:

  1. AI Program Placement Recommendation:
    • LEA submits Form 2 for AI Placement to Senior Director of Center Programs noting for full-time in AI Placement or shared-time continued Consult.
    • Parent visitation is scheduled by the AI Teacher Consultant, with parent, the LEA Director/Designee and the appropriate classroom teacher.
  2. Recommendation For Continuation in the Local School District:
    • MISD may continue consultation.
    • MISD may provide Strategies for use in the Least Restrictive Setting.
    • Local School District Team Training.
    • Train Building Team Members and Support Staff.
    • Facilitate Programming Adaptations.
    • Continued Consultation - AI Teacher Consultant available for LEA Team Support.

Visitations Policy:

AI Consultant will contact the local school district director to arrange observations and visitations.


  • MISD Form 2 Referral
  • AI Strategy Planning Form