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Special Populations

Children with Special Needs

The MISD's 21 school districts serve nearly 20,000 students who are challenged by needs that make them eligible for special education. These needs arise from physical, mental or emotional handicaps making it difficult for the students to keep up with their peers. The MISD takes pride in its ability to bring the best in education to students with such diverse needs. Services range from assistance to students within their own district  classrooms to the operation of special schools and programs. 

English Language Learners (ELL)

The MISD Bilingual/ELL Education Program provides bilingual instructional assistants, who help English language learning students to learn English and to achieve competency in English language and reading skills. Thus, providing the ELL students an equal access to education in a classroom where English only is spoken.

Academically Gifted and Talented Children

The MISD website for academically gifted and talented children features subjects that will guide you in finding out about gifted children and the education of gifted children.  MISD is committed to an educational program of options that recognize the unique value, needs and talents of each student. Instructional programs for the gifted and talented are an integral part of this commitment.

Homeless Children

At the MISD the homeless education project liaison works with both Macomb County schools and the community to assist homeless students and their families.

Young Children

Early Childhood works collaboratively with the 21 school districts in Macomb County and the MI Department of Education. Current state initiatives including the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP), Great Parents Macomb, migreatparents.org, the Great Start Collaborative and the Early Childhood Investment Corporation (ECIC) are supported throughout the County.