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Cascade 8 Tips and Tricks


Review Your Site

Check box with check

Log in at cms.misd.net and use your same credentials as you use for logging into the computers. If your computer password changes it will update on Cascade Server as well.

Review the assets appearing on the left hand navigation of Cascade Server. Familiarize yourself with the new icons for different assets (what page & file icons look like now). NOTE: The folder "Events" may show as "Course Offerings" - to change the way it displays edit your profile settings. 


Tips / Best practices

  • Keep the Display name and Title the same - make it similar to the Page name
  • Don't use spaces in folder or file names
    • Some browsers can't open links with spaces
  • Don't use the plus sign ("+") in file names or page names
    • The file/image won't display
    • If a page has a "+" in the name, it won't publish and won't give an error - it will just show the 404 error page.
  • Turn off automatic publishing if you're working on a page that you don't want to go live tonight!
    • Edit > System > Uncheck "Allow Publishing"
    • Check it to allow publishing
  • Spice up your pages with pictures from GettyImages.com
    • Contact the help desk for login information
  • Cascade Server can be accessed anywhere with internet access
    • You can edit the website on a plane, train, in Maine and Spain!
  • Add alternative text to images
  • If a page already exists similar to what you want, copy it into your folder! This saves you the time of recreating it from scratch.