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MISD Bilingual/ELL Education Resources


MISD EL Handbook 2021-2022

Elementary Level Materials

Entrance/Exit Criteria

Junior & Senior High Levels

Implications for Brain Based Learning 

What if They Don't Speak English? 

   - Resource guide for all educators     

My English Book

   - Inventory of English skills for the ELL students 

Michigan Association of Bilingual Education

   - Great resources for bilingual education

Michigan Medicaid Information and Application

Bilingual Speech Pathology Resource Guide

   - Bilingual Speech Pathology Resouce Guide

Additional Resources on the Web


"Classifying Galaxies"
Is a lesson plan on the Hubble system of classifying galaxies. Students learn what a galaxy is, how the galaxy classification system of Edwin Hubble assigns galaxies to different groups according to their shapes, & how that system can be used to categorize unknown galaxies. (NASA)

"Cosmology 101"
Is a primer on scientific efforts to understand the origin, evolution, & fate of the universe. Among the questions it explores: What types of matter & energy fill the universe? What is the age & shape of the universe? How rapidly is it expanding? The website examines the Big Bang theory, as well as tests & limitations of the theory. (NASA)

"Eyes on the Sky & Feet on the Ground"
Provides hundreds of hands-on astronomy explorations for Grades 2-6. Topics include earth's rotation & orbit, earth's tilt, shadows, seasons, time zones, the moon, calendars, maps, the solar system, & tides. Activities help students understand the scientific process. Suggestions are included for discussions before & after explorations. (SI)


"The E Pluribus Unum Project"
Examines Americans' attempt to make "one from many" in three pivotal decades: the 1770s, 1850s, & 1920s. Each decade is framed by an introductory essay with links to key topics & primary documents, including the Declaration of Independence, newspapers, & the rhetoric of the Revolution; reform, cultures of the North & South, religion, & popular movements; and prohibition, Broadway, evangelical Protestantism, & the Roaring Twenties. (NEH)

"Henry Luce"
Is the companion website for a film about the missionary's son who founded "Time" & "Life" magazines & became, in the late 1930s, America's most powerful mass communicator. The website includes an essay, career timeline, video clips not in the film, & an interview with the filmmaker. (NEH)

"The Most Dangerous Woman in America"
Is a companion website for a film that examines the case of Typhoid Mary, a cook who was quarantined for life against her will in the early 1900s. The site includes a history of quarantine, a letter Mary Mallon wrote when petitioning the courts for her release, an examination of whether public health officials were to blame for Mallon's behavior, & a mysterious "disease outbreak" for students to solve. (NEH)


NGA -- National Gallery of Art
NEH -- National Endowment for the Humanities
NOAA -- National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
NASA -- National Aeronautics & Space Administration
SI -- Smithsonian Institution
USCB -- U.S. Census Bureau