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Bovenschen's School Wide Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Program

Bovenschen’s School Wide “Positive Behavior Support” Program


To create a positive environment for all staff and students by acknowledging and reinforcing the target behaviors of being "Safe, Kind, and Helpful".

Bovenschen’s school wide Positive Behavior Support program is off and running. The purpose of the program is to recognize our students who are “Safe, Kind, and Helpful."


  • Listen/follow directions
  • Stay in seat/sit
  • Walk/Go slow


  • Use nice words
  • Take turns
  • Respect Others


  • Listen/follow directions
  • Do your work
  • Take care of your things

Postive Behavior Support – Bovenschen School
  • Because our students at Bovenschen have many different abilities, there are many ways for each to demonstrate positive behavior.
  • Throughout each month, students receive tickets for their positive behavior. Students can use these tickets to purchase items from the school store.
  • At the end of the month, the classroom chooses a “Student of the Month” based on the number of tickets earned by each student (or other criteria specific to the individual classroom).
  • Each “Student of the Month” is honored at a school-wide assembly and receives a certificate.
  • The classroom who distributes the most tickets each month is recognized at the assembly and receives a trophy and certificate.
  • Also at the assembly, all students who have received tickets for positive behavior during the month are entered in a raffle. The raffle winners pick a prize from the prize wall. 
  • After the raffle, we have entertainment. We have been treated to many amazing, creative performances by our talented students from various classrooms.


Bovenschen’s PBIS program focuses on three behavioral expectations; being safe, kind, and helpful.  These expectations are posted in all classrooms, as well as in the hallways throughout the school. All staff encourage these behaviors in students and reinforce them by distributing “Lancer Loot” tickets. Students can use these tickets to purchase items from the “Bovenschen School Store,” and the classroom who passes out the most tickets each month receives a trophy and is recognized at a school-wide assembly.  Tickets are also entered into a raffle where students can win Bovenschen apparel at the assembly.  These assemblies are held each month and one student from each classroom is honored as that classroom’s “student of the month.”  All students receive direct instruction on what these behavioral expectations mean and they are provided with examples of what these behaviors look like across various school settings (classroom, hallways, bus, etc.).  Teachers and paraprofessionals designed these lessons together and utilized various technologies such as Seesaw and Boardmaker to provide students with appropriate and diversified instruction.