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Bovenschen's School Wide Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Program

Bovenschen is Charging to the Stars!!!

Bovenschen’s School Wide “Positive Behavior Support” Program


To create a positive environment for all staff and students by acknowledging and reinforcing the target behaviors of "Ready, Willing, and Able"

Bovenschen’s school wide Positive Behavior Support program is off and running. The purpose of the program is to recognize our students who are “Ready, Willing, and Able” to learn.

READY to learn

  • Quiet hands
  • Quiet mouth
  • Quiet feet

WILLING to participate

  • To share
  • To work
  • To help

ABLE to reach your goals

  • To do your best
  • To try one more time
  • To be a friend

Positive Behavior Support – Bovenschen School

  • Because our students at Bovenschen have many different abilities, there are many ways for each to demonstrate positive behavior.
  • Throughout each month, students receive tickets for their positive behavior. The ticket is then proudly displayed next to the student’s picture on a Velcro board on their classroom door.
  • At the end of the month, the classroom chooses a “Student of the Month” based on the number of tickets earned by each student (or other criteria specific to the individual classroom).
  • Each “Student of the Month” is honored at a school-wide assembly and receives a certificate.. Their picture is displayed on our “Positive Behavior Star” board outside the main office door for all to see!
  • Also at the assembly, all students who have received tickets for positive behavior during the month are entered in a raffle. The raffle winners pick a prize from the prize wall. Staff is also able to earn PBS tickets by going above and beyond to improve and expand our students’ learning environment.
  • After the raffle, we have entertainment. We have been treated to many amazing, creative performances by our talented students from various classrooms.