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    44001 Garfield Road
    Clinton Township, MI
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Bovenschen School Staff

The Bovenschen School Staff Believe:

  • In a dynamic team approach to education
  • Each of our students have capabilities to be developed that promote independence and self-esteem
  • Each student will receive individual programming in the least restrictive and safe learning environment
  • That education is a partnership between the home, school, and community and we must strive for increasing parent and community involvement in our school program.

All staff can be contacted at Bovenschen School by:

Phone at (586) 757-7880
Fax at (586) 757-8268
By email by clicking the staff name below.

Office Staff:
Trish Romer
Erin Horn

MOCI - Classrooms for Students with Moderate Cognitive Impairments

Classroom Teacher
Room 21 Lora Davis
Room 20 Chris Sesta
Room 11 Gwen Macaulay
Room 19 Rindala Younes

SCI - Classrooms for Students with Severe Cognitive Impairments

Classroom Teacher
Room 14 Michael Bottini
Room 9 Jennifer Potapa
Room 22 Becky Fitzpatrick
Room 23 Alan Kursa
Room 24 Hannah Taras
Room 25 Joel Ruggero
Room 5 Melanie Howard
Room 15 Carolyn Wilson
Room 18 Ashley Tatro
Room 17

Michael Figgs

Room 6

 Kayla Oakey

SXI - Classrooms for Students with Severe Multiple Impairments

Classroom Teacher
Room 3 Andrea Abell
Room 1 Kristen Klein
Room 31 Katie Murphy
Room 29 Jennifer Tava
Room 8 Sandy Jaracz
Room 28 Amber Basch
Room 4 Caitlin Kubert
Room 12 Jamie McColley
Room 30 Ashley Pyatt
Room 2 Kristen Krawczyk
Room 32 Lizzie Clark
Room 16 Valerie Potter
Room 27 Lauren Trudeau

Bovenschen School Support Staff

Psychologist Johanna Mexico
Social Worker Jill Henson
School Nurse Traci Stickel
Building Operator Rick Oloff
Physical Therapists

Cece Findlay
Christine Hawkins

Occupational Therapists

Pete Kanan
Ali Wenturine
Britt Baldridge

Speech Therapists

Speech Department Website

Loretta MacEwan
Ashley Richards
Courtney Ruggero 

Becca Wettstein

Physical Education Teachers

Jacqueline Goosen
Rose Mumma

Orientation & Mobility Teacher Consultant

Cindy Perkins

Elizabeth Johnson

Visual Impairment Teacher Consultant

Grace Haden

Nicole Aneed

Hearing Impairment Teacher Consultant Lizzie Thompson