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Lakeside Regional Collaborative Network (LRCN)

The Lakeside Regional Collaborative Network believes:

  1. Each and every student has the right to receive an education that responds to their learning needs in one system of education that differentiates support so that all students can learn.
  2. Instructional programs should be driven by relevant data and assessment driven information.
  3. The education of all students is the responsibility of all educators.
  4. Sufficient supports need to be available to all students and staff along the educational continuum.
  5. Educational Services will be determined by student need, not disability, in the least restrictive environment.

If schools are to be successful in supporting students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), planning, structures, routines and other supports must be in place.  The Lakeside Regional Collaborative Network was established in 2005 to assist and encourage the development of school teams for student /staff support.

The Lakeside RCN is a regional collaborative that encompasses all Macomb County Public Schools, Grosse Pointe Public Schools, and Macomb/St. Clair Autism Society. The LRCN leadership group is working together to foster awareness of ASD and provides staff trainings for implementation of ‘best practice strategies’ for individuals with ASD. Membership in the leadership group includes representatives from each school district as well as community partners.

Lakeside RCN coordinates to make resources available throughout the region. Resources might include, but are not limited to: workshop opportunities, ASD Awareness Kits, Lending Library, START certified trainers and other general information.

Lakeside RCN is linked with the Autism Education Center START (Statewide Autism Resources Training) project and the MDE office of Special Education and Early Intervention Services (OSE/EIS)