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In cooperation with local Macomb County school districts we can assist parents and their families while they are temporarily between homes.

Educational Services Available

  • Assistance with enrollment in school and transfer of student records.

  • Liaison between family and school personnel

  • Assistance with school transportation

  • School supplies and backpacks

  • Referrals to community agencies for food, medical, dental and optical care

  • Assistance with student clothing

Children often move, causing them to frequently change schools and fall behind academically. These children usually live in overcrowded conditions.

There is often a lack of basic resources such as appropriate clothing, food, transportation and money for basic school supplies. School is one of the few stable and secure places in a homeless child's life.

A student is considered to be "homeless" if, due to a lack of housing they must reside in a shelter, motel, vehicle or campground, on the street, in abandoned buildings or doubled-up with relatives or friends due to economic hardship or eviction.

A student can become homeless due to a house fire or other natural disaster resulting in a temporary or permanent loss of their home.