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    Clinton Township, MI
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Services Provided

Creating a safe harbor for homeless students.

At the MISD the homeless education project liaison works with both Macomb County schools and the community to assist homeless students and their families.

One of Sara Orris's roles as liaison is to make districts aware of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Students Assistance Act and to help schools comply with the No Child Left Behind Law. The act requires that homeless students have a legal right to:

  • enroll without a permanent address or proof of residency;

  • enroll first, and request school records later;

  • offer free or reduced lunch to homeless students immediately, and - if available, breakfast - sometimes the only food these children will have in a day;

  • give parents a voice in deciding between the children's original school district or the one where parents have found temporary shelter;

  • receive transportation assistance to and from their school of origin when requested;

  • provide special services, preschool, after-school programs and all other normal school services to homeless students - immediately.

The MISD goes beyond the requirements of the law.

We supply students with backpacks and school supplies, and clothing.

We can also link homeless children and their families to county social services agencies that can help with emergency food, shelter, dental, medical and optical care.