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Safety Drill Record

Macomb Intermediate School District
School Safety Drill Record

2019-2020 Safety Drill Record

2018-2019 Safety Drill Record

2017-2018 Safety Drill Record

2016-2017 Safety Drill Record

2015-2016 Safety Drill Record

"School(s) shall ensure that documentation of the completed school safety drill is posted on its website within 30 school days after the drill is completed and is maintained on the website for at least 3 years."

School Name: Lutz School for Work Experience

Year: 2018-2019

Fire Drills
(reasonably spaced; 3 of the 5 must be held by December 1st)

# Conducted By Date Time
1 John Nader 09/17/2018 9:00AM
2 John Nader 10/09/2018 11:00AM
3 John Nader 11/05/2018 1:00PM
4 John Nader 04/18/2019 9:30AM
5 John Nader 5/21/2019 1:15PM

Tornado Safety Drill
(one shall occur in March)

# Conducted By Date Time
1 John Nader 09/26/2018 8:00AM
2 John Nader 03/05/2019 10:30AM
3 John Nader 03/27/2019 1:00PM

Lock Down or Shelter-in-Place Drill
(reasonably spaced; 1 by December 1st and 1 after January 1st)

# Conducted By Date Time
1 John Nader 10/23/2018 8:30AM
2 John Nader 01/17/2019


3 John Nader  05/06/2019 1:15 PM

NOTE: one of the 10 drills listed above must occur during a lunch, recess, or other period when a significant number of students are gathered but not in the classroom. No more than 1 drill per day.

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