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Mathematics in Macomb County Schools

The Mathematics Unit of the Consultant Services Department makes a difference in Macomb County Schools by providing:


  • Work collaboratively with local, state, and national organizations through the Macomb Math Steering Committee.

  • Provide opportunities to collaborate with business, industry and universities.

  • Establish and coordinate focus groups and standing committees to assess needs and determine direction.

Curriculum Support

  • Organize and help chair local curriculum committees.

  • Design and conduct surveys on programs of study for 21 local districts.

  • Maintain web page dedicated to K-12 curriculum support.

Professional Development

  • Offer in-service training seeking best practices K-12, all grades every year.

  • Provide project-driven staff development opportunities on a long-term basis.

  • Maintain publishing center that provides supplemental materials on a cost recovery basis.

  • Review instructional materials including software.

Student Services

  • Provide direct contact through interactive TV and classroom visits.

  • Provide interactive web lessons.

  • Develop courses to meet special needs.

Community Involvement

  • Tele-cooperation using interactive TV and web to bring the world into the classroom and the classroom to the world.

  • Collaborate with business, industry and universities to review and transfer information.

A Resource Clearinghouse

  • Provides a publishing center with supplemental material

  • Developed and tested by teachers-authors

    • Designs and distributes teaching kits

    • Makes available current instructional materials (text books, CD's, DVD's)

    • Provides computers, calculators, and software for long term project driven staff development activities