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State Reporting

What is the Michigan Education Information System (MEIS)?

The Michigan Education Information System (MEIS) is a web-based system used to gather information about Michigan's schools and their students. The goal is to create a single source for all educational data in Michigan.

What data is collected?

  • Michigan Student Data System (MSDS)
    The Michigan Student Data System is used for state and federal data reporting. It contains information relating to elementary, middle school and high school students statewide.

    MISD has developed a software management program for MSDS available free of charge.
  • Registry of Educational Personnel (REP)
    The Registry of Educational Personnel contains information relating to school personnel. It includes basic employment information, assignment by grade level, salary and degree held.
  • School Infrastructure Database (SID)
    The School Infrastructure Database contains information relating to technology and school structure. Crime and safety data will also be included.    
  • Financial Information Database (FID)
    The Financial Information Database contains information relating to school financial reports, balance sheets, revenue, and expenditures.
  • Student Assessment Information Database(?)
    The Student Assessment Information Database contains information relating to student, school and district performance data on a variety of standardized tests.
  • Graduation and Dropout Application (GAD) (?)

Useful Links

Educational Entity Master
Provides a directory of Michigan schools and general school information including official identification numbers for each school and other identifying information such as the school name, mailing address and contact information.

Center for Educational Performance & Information (CEPI) MEIS site
The official MEIS site provided by CEPI, a state agency created to compile, analyze, and report data about the performance of Michigan's public schools and students.