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Introduction to the MISD Web FTP Client | How to Use the MISD Web FTP Client | Print this Document

Introduction to the MISD Web FTP Client

What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is an Internet service that allows users to copy files to or from computers which hold collections of files.

What does this software do?

This FTP web client software will allow you to establish a connection to the MISD FTP server and to transfer files between your computer and the FTP server.

What is the web address to access this FTP web client software?

The FTP web client software can be found at http://www.misd.net/mt/ftp.

What is needed to use the web FTP client

  • This is a Secure FTP site so you must have a username and password to gain access. If you do not have a username and need to transfer files with the MISD Secure FTP server, contact the MISD Helpdesk (586) 228-3399.
  • The second requirement is to have a Windows PC, Apple Mac or Linux PC with the Sun Java Virtual Machine software version 1.42 or greater.

Basic steps in using this FTP web client

  1. Logon to the FTP server
  2. Navigate to the folder on your PC that has the files or folder you would like to transfer to the MISD server
  3. Click the transfer button on the web interface to begin the file transfer
  4. Once the file transfer has been completed, disconnect from the MISD server to logoff.

Can this be done anywhere?

Yes, unless there is a network firewall that prohibits this procedure at your location. Contact your network administrator for assistance.

How to Use the MISD Web FTP Client

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An overview of the FTP web client interface

The Web FTP client interface has four sections. At the left are the files and folders on your computer. To the right are the files and folders on the FTP server. In the center are the file transfer buttons used to start the transfer of files between your computer and the server. At the bottom of the screen are the buttons used to connect and disconnect from the MISD server.

The security warning prompt

The first time you access the web FTP client the Sun Java Virtual Machine software will begin. You will see a message indicating Warning-Security "The applications digital signature has been verified. Do you want to run this application?". This is normal and acceptance is required to allow the web FTP Java application to transfer the files between your computer and the MISD FTP server. Click RUN to accept the message.

If you are using an Apple Mac computer, you will see a slightly different warning screen shown below. It is important that you click the Trust button.

Creating the connection

In order to connect to the MISD FTP server you will need to establish a connection to the server. Begin by clicking on the Connect button at the bottom of the main screen.

This will bring up a Connect logon screen. In this box you will notice there are only three modifiable options and the rest are restricted by default. To begin the connection process, type your username and password in the appropriate boxes, leave the Proxy Type set to NONE then click the Connect button. If you do not have a user account or forgot your password contact the MISD helpdesk for assistance. In very few instances, some people might be on a network that is behind a network proxy firewall. If you are on this type of network it will require that you specify a special server that allows you to exit your network to establish a connection to the MISD FTP server. If this is the case, you will need to change the Proxy Type option to the proper connection type for your network and specify the proper Host server name, Host Proxy Port Number, Proxy Username, and Proxy password. If you are unsure of these settings contact your network administrator for more information.

While the computer is establishing the connection you will see a prompt asking if you would like to "Accept certificate". This is normal and indicates that you are establishing a secured connection to the MISD FTP server. When you see this prompt it is important that you click the Accept and Save button.

Transferring Files and Folders

Once the connection has been established you will be taken back to the main menu. On the left side of the screen are the files on your computer. The box under the "Local System" heading will indicate which folder you are currently in. Navigate to the folder that has the files that you would like to transfer to the FTP server. To navigate to a specific folder, one of the following options can be done:
  1. In the box below the words "Local System" that shows the current folder, you can highlight the words in box then press the delete key to empty the box. Now type the path to your folder, as an example c:\example folder , then press the enter key on the keyboard. This will place you into that folder.
  2. A second option for navigation is to double click the folder with the two dots .. this will move you up one folder level or click on a folder with a name to navigate into that folder.

Once you are in the folder with the files you would like to send, click on a specific file or folder to highlight it or to select multiple files or folders hold the control key on your keyboard while clicking on the multiple files or folders.

Once the files and/or folders are highlighted click the double arrows in the center of screen pointing to the right. This begin sending files to the server.

During the process of copying files to the server, you will see a transfer status message indicating how much of the process is completed.

Zipping files or folders

This application supports zipping or compressing the sending files on your computer from within the web page. If you have a large file/folder or have many files to send to the server, you may want to zip the items before sending them to the FTP server. This can be done by left clicking the file or folder to highlight it. Next, right click on the selected file or folder to bring up a menu with additional options. Finally, left click on the Zip Upload option.

A prompt will appear asking what name should be given to the new zip file. By default, the original name of the file is used with a .zip added to the end. If you like this name click OK to begin the sending process. If you would like to change the name of the file, highlight the name with the mouse then press the delete key to clear the box. Type in the new name for the file and append .zip to the end. Press the OK button to begin the send process.

Deleting files or folders

If you would like to delete a file or folder that was copied to the FTP server, this can be done by left clicking on the file or folder to highlight it then right clicking on that item to bring up a menu with the delete option. Click Delete to remove the file.

Disconnecting from the server

When you have completed sending files to the server disconnect from the server by clicking on the Disconnect button at the bottom of the screen.

Error Messages and known problems

Issue #1: On occasion you will see a message saying "Error: Connection has been Shutdown: javaax.net.SSLException: Connection reset by peer:" which looks like the message below. This is normal and occurs when your let the connection to the MISD FTP server stay connected for a long time without sending files. If you see this message click the OK button to close the message then click the Disconnect button. Follow the Creating the connection procedures above to reconnect.

Issue #2: If the application is blank and does not show your files and the server files as in the picture below this occurs because you did not accept the Security Warning Prompt. To fix this problem, close all of the Internet browser windows. Open the web FTP client in the browser and follow the procedures in the Security Warning Prompt section above.