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School Services

Click on the service title to contact staff members who provide the following services:

Adaptive Physical Education Teachers

  • These professionals are trained and certified in Adaptive Physical Education and Aquatics.

  •  They are versed in activities to help expand strength, endurance, flexibility and balance

Occupational Therapists

  • The O.T. looks for ways to help student's achieve fine motor skills

  • OT's teach parents to feed their students, do proper positioning and recommend equipment.

Physical Therapists

  • The P.T. looks at the student's gross motor skills

  • PT's contribute information regarding adaptive equipment, such as braces, wheelchairs and walkers

Speech and Language Therapists

  • These Therapists specialize in helping the student express feelings and needs

  • Through use of sign language, picture communication and electronic devices

School Psychologist

  • The Psychologist evaluates a student's psychological development, learning and behavior.

  • They will develop behavior intervention plans

  • With parents promote appropriate interaction with home and the community

School Social Worker

  • The Social Worker helps families better understand and cope with having students with special needs

  • Social Worker will act as a liaison between family and community agencies