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Speech, Language, and Literacy

The speech, language, and literacy consultant at the MISD provides leadership for the MISD and the local districts for designing and providing effective, educationally relevant speech, language, and literacy services. The consultant provides training, tools and support for administrators and staff in the areas of speech and language services, response to intervention, assistive technology, and universal design for learning.

Community Speech & Language Therapy Resources for 2019

Speech & Language

 Schools are challenged to offer innovative programs for the prevention, identification, assessment, and intervention for children with speech (articulation, fluency, or voice disabilities) or language (oral and written receptive and expressive language learning disabilities) as well as difficulties with feeding and swallowing.

  • Consultation with local district speech-language staff, building teams, and individual speech-language pathologists as needed

    Professional Development
  • Offers various professional workshops and in-services to help district keep abreast of the most current speech and language practices.
  • For current workshop offering visit Speech & Language Course Offerings

Assistive Technology

  • Develops/provides professional development and consultative support for district assistive technology teams who provide tools for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).
  • Visit our assistive technology page.

Multi-Tiered System of Supports

  • Develops/provide professional development and consultative support for district response to intervention initiatives.
  • Ongoing consultation for local district speech and language programs.
  • Consultation with local district administration and building teams regarding design and implementation of their district/building RTI initiative

Universal Design for Learning

Develops/provides professional development and consultative support as part of Macomb County's Universal Design for learning initiative called E3T: Engage, Expand and Encompass through Technology. In this project Middle and High school teams learn to use and develop tools and strategies to remove curriculum barriers and increase learning opportunities for EVERY learner. Please visit our website at the link under Assistive Technology.

MISD Early Reading Intervention

Develops/provide professional development and consultative support for district early reading intervention initiatives as they identify children at-risk for written language (reading and writing) difficulties

Provides prevention and intervention supports, and measures progress

Michigan Speech-Language Guidelines: Suggestions for Eligibility, Service Delivery, & Exit Criteria Revised

The guidelines revision is complete. The document has been revised based upon the reviews received from around the state. The download file is a pdf file. Once it appears on your screen, save a copy.  Open your copy, then select "views", "navigation panel", and then "bookmarks" to see the document outline and bookmarks to each section.

Michigan Speech-Language Guidelines

Guidelines Presentation MSHA 2007

Feeding and Swallowing Procedures

Macomb Center programs have developed a manual for staff related to feeding and swallowing procedures. This manual may be download by clicking the link below:

Macomb ISD Feeding and Swallowing Procedure Manual (pdf)

Macomb ISD Feeding and Swallowing Procedures Flowchart (pdf)

<h3\>Macomb/St. Clair Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • Serves on this local association board
  • Acts as a liaison to the MISD
  • Assists in project and professional development planning
  • Macomb St. Clair Speech-Language-Hearing Association Membership Registration

Michigan Speech-Language-Hearing Association

  • Serves as a county link to the Public School Committee, acting as a liaison to the county and local association

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

  • Serves as a liaison to the county, keeping abreast of news and policies, and serving on committees.