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Michigan Model Curriculum

What is the Michigan Model?

The Michigan Model is a kindergarten through twelfth grade comprehensive school health education curriculum.

The kindergarten through sixth grade curriculum is organized around themes which address the following content areas:

  • Nutrition Education

  • Family Health

  • Consumer Health

  • Community Health

  • Safety and First Aid

  • Substance Use and Abuse

  • Growth and Development

  • Personal Health Practices

  • Emotional and Mental Health

  • Disease Prevention and Control

The seventh through twelfth grade curriculum is organized into modules that address the six categories of behaviors that cause the most adverse health and social outcomes according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  These categories are:

  • Tobacco Use

  • Alcohol and Other Drug Use

  • Sexual Behaviors That Lead to Unwanted Pregnancies and STD's

  • Dietary Behaviors

  • Lack of Physical Activity

  • Intentional and Unintentional Injuries

The Michigan Model Kindergarten through Sixth grade has been revised and updated (1992-1995).  The following revised and newly developed modules are available for grades 7/8 and 9-12.

Grades 7/8 include the following:

  • It's No Mystery: Tobacco Is A Killer

  • Protect a Friend-Share Your Skills: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Prevention

  • HIV, AIDS, and Other STD's

  • What's Food Got to Do With It?

  • It's Time To Move!

  • The Two "R's" for Stopping Assault and Preventing Violence

Grades 9 - 12 include the following:

  • Teens Campaign Against Tobacco

  • Teens Voice Solutions to Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

  • Help Yourself To Good Nutrition

  • Stay Physically Active-For Life

  • Managing Conflicts and Preventing Violence

Michigan Model for Comprehensive School Health Education

Integration of Character Education with the Michigan Model                       
Grades Kindergarten through Sixth 

The following provides a brief description of how the following six core values are integrated into the kindergarten through sixth grade Michigan Model for Comprehensive School Health Education curricula.

  • Trustworthiness

  • Respect 

  • Responsibility

  • Caring

  • Justice and Fairness

  • Civic Virtue and Citizenship

Trustworthiness: honesty, acting with integrity, keeping promises, demonstrating loyalty.

Respect: showing regard for the worth of someone or something, autonomy, privacy, dignity and respect for self and others, courtesy, tolerance, acceptance, respect for the environment.

Responsibility: accountability, taking care of self and others, fulfilling our obligations, contributing to our communities, building a better world, pursuit of excellence.

Caring: showing compassion and consideration for all others, giving, sharing, showing kindness, loving, affirming each other.

Justice and Fairness:  procedural fairness, impartiality, consistency, equality, equity, due process, fair and nonviolent conflict resolution.

Civic Virtue & Citizenship: law-abiding, providing community service, furthering the protection of environment.