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MISD Annual Web Report


Welcome to the MISD 2021-2022 Annual Website Report. Information in the report focuses on how the MISD serves students of all abilities in Macomb County. Data shows how we use our resources to provide quality educational opportunities for general education and special education students, technical and instructional support to school employees, and leadership in all areas impacting education.

The MISD is committed to all the 150,000 students of Macomb County including over 20,000 with special educational needs. This commitment guides the way we provide services—involving parents, school personnel, and the community at large as active partners in planning, delivering and evaluating our many services and programs.

This report does not present the full picture of our role in education. We invite you to browse our web site for the bigger picture and to understand more fully how we provide service, support and leadership to:

  • Local Districts (see what assistance the MISD provides in curriculum, technology and business)
  • Children (take a look at how the MISD serves students from birth through age 26 by assessing learning abilities and providing programs and schools for students with disabilities)
  • Special Populations (see what programs are in place for families with young children, that are bilingual or who are homeless) 
  • Parents (see how the MISD can lead parents to helpful resources)

An overview of MISD services and programs is available in the publication Looking to the Future of Education in Macomb County.

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