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What is Networking?

When you hear the term “networking” you automatically think it has to do with social media connections. You can interact with people on social media, but to be effective in networking, it involves developing relationships with other people. Networking with people includes sharing relevant information and resources along the path of reaching your common career or academic goals. 


Networking can open doors to a potential career, scholarship, college or learning opportunity. Making certain connections may even help you land a job. Overall, networking can seem contrived, but can prove useful in helping you to navigate what comes after highschool.  

Teachers, employers, clergy, or community leaders you have volunteered with or a family friend are all great individuals to begin networking with.

Make it a point to connect with those individuals and share your career and academic goals, ask them if they have any advice or resources related to your goals that can help support your pursuit of those opportunities. Similarly, learn about the work they do and ways that you might be able to support them. As a high school student, this is a good start. Once you get older, your relationships and ability to engage with others in a mutually beneficial manner will evolve.