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Career Pathway Guides

Discovering careers starts with research. Learning as much as possible will help you make an informed decision about occupations that interest you. 

Career Pathway Information Sheets

These career path info sheets highlighted below are designed to be a starting point in your research, providing insight into each industry by highlighting the following:

  1. Top 5 occupations in that industry
  2. Top employers hiring for these positions
  3. Common skills required for these positions
  4. Educational requirements
  5. Local colleges offering these programs

…and much more!

Career Path Information Sheets:

Macomb ISD is committed to providing the tools, knowledge and resources that young people need in order to make informed education and career-related decisions. Macomb ISD has programs for each of these industry groups. For more information on those programs, click here

Targeted Industries

by Macomb County Planning & Economic Development

MI Career Outlook

by Michigan Bureau of Labor Market Information

Career Outlook - Hot 50