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About Management Technology

Management Technology Focus

We provide information technology services, training, and support to staff and students in the schools and districts we serve.

Specifically we handle:

  • Budget/finance

  • Payroll

  • Personnel

  • Student Records

  • Warehouse Inventory

  • Fixed Assets

  • Standardized Test Reporting

  • Maintenance of the Regional Wide Area Data Networks (WANs) for K-12 School Districts

  • Support Information Sharing User Groups

  • Facilitate and Support Desktop Computing

We are directly involved in MISD desktop services and offer desktop applications training and support to the entire Macomb K-12 school community.

Management Technology Objectives

It is our purpose to ensure that the data our school districts use is processed effectively. With that in mind, we review our programs and upgrade or replace that which is outdated on a regular basis.

We review our objectives at least once a year along with the MISD Management Board and the Management Technology Advisory Committee (MTAC). The MTAC group consists of a representative from each school district. This group meets to monitor, evaluate and support our operations. They appoint subcommittees who, with department staff, recommend revisions and/or new objectives.