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Referral Procedure

General Referral Procedure

Local district Special Education Directors may submit a Form 2 requesting a consultation, evaluation, and/or service to the MISD Support and Related Services Department. 

Services for:

Services may be requested to support a student with special needs associated with their unique educational needs, and IEP goals.

Referral materials must include:

  • Pre-Referral/Consultative Screening Form for either Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy
  • Completed MISD Form 2, signed by the parent/guardian and the local Special Education Director

  • Copy of the most recent REED (if applicable)

  • Copy of the most recent MET (if applicable)

  • Copy of the most recent Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  • Copy of the Transfer of Student with Disability Form (if applicable)          

  • Current Eye Report for Vision and Orientation & Mobility Services

MISD Form 2 Referral Process