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Orientation & Mobility


Orientation and Mobility Specialist (O & M) services are available to students whose vision deficits results in a visual impairment or blindness and is determined eligible for special education services through an Individualized Education Program (IEP). 

Regardless of whether the visual impairment or blindness is a primary, secondary, or tertiary disability, the student requires specially designed instruction to ensure access to the general education environment and community setting. 

The objective is for the student to be functional, with accommodations, within the community and educational program environments.

O & M staff focus on providing instruction, strategies, and recommendations for accommodations, adaptations or modifications that develop skills to improve the student’s performance of tasks and activities important and necessary for successful school and community functioning.

Recommendations of cane instruction, mobility techniques and resources within the educational and community environments, and assistive devices may be necessary to optimize the student’s performance.

The O & M specialist works closely with school staff to help students acquire functional abilities necessary to access educational materials, curriculum, and environment.  School and community-based observations assist in the development an understanding of the student’s present level of performance. 

In order for students to receive O & M services under IDEA Part B, the federal law requires that students be eligible for special education due to a visual impairment or blindness.  In this manner, O & M specialists serve in a supportive role, helping students participate in and benefit from special education. 

The method and frequency of services necessary to support students within the educational environment is determined through the O & M evaluation and IEP processes. 

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