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Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy (OT) services are available to students with an existing Individualized Education Program (IEP) whose physical limitations require therapeutic intervention and/or rehabilitation procedures to support educationally related needs. 

A student’s occupational performance may be impaired by physical, developmental, sensory, attentional and/or learning challenges.  Occupational therapy as an educational support service can be quite different from OT in a clinic or hospital. 

School-based therapists focus on providing strategies and recommendations for accommodations, adaptations or modifications that develop skills to improve the student’s performance of tasks and activities important and necessary for successful school functioning.

Recommendations of task adaptations, task modifications, and assistive devices may be necessary to optimize the student’s performance in the school setting.

The OT works closely with school staff to help students acquire functional abilities necessary to access educational materials and produce and perform educationally related tasks. Poor handwriting skills may seem a valid reason for OT services.  Observations of fine motor difficulties in performing educationally relevant tasks, which may have an impact upon handwriting, may warrant an OT consultation or referral.

In order for students to receive OT services under IDEA Part B, the federal law requires that students be eligible for special education and that the related service be necessary to assist the students with disabilities to benefit from special education.  In this manner, OTs serve in a supportive role, helping students participate in and benefit from special education. 

The method and frequency of services necessary to support students within the educational environment is determined through the OT evaluation and IEP processes. 

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