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Responding to Students and Asking Questions

Partner Skills: Responding to Students and Asking Questions

Responding to All Modes of Communication

AAC Partners can facilitate valuable language learning by responding to as many of the learners' attempts at communication as possible. By attending to a message, using symbolic language to restate the message, and responding to the message, AAC partners provide contextual and relevant associations in just-right timing. Over time, this can support increases in the use of symbolic language with speech, sign language, and/or symbols.

To Ask, or Not to Ask

It is natural to think that one can promote communication by asking questions, as the purpose of a question is to get information. In actuality, asking questions can result in a limited exchange of information.

In order to maximize language output, AAC partners should primarily use descriptive language to comment and share information. Questions should be reserved for times that the AAC partner genuinely needs an answer.

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