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Personal Access Method and AAC Systems

AAC Systems: Personal Access Method and Systems

Choosing an AAC Grid Size

Read this article from AssistiveWare for guidance about AAC grid size. It is a significant responsibility to be part of choosing a vocabulary set for an AAC user. Consideration should be given to providing the most robust system that the individual can see and touch. 

MISD Core Vocabulary Boards

For PDF versions of these boards, please email Jaimie Fons

NOTE: Staff working in Macomb County schools can request printed/laminate poster copies of these boards from the MISD Teacher's Workshop for a small fee. To request a board, send an email to teachersworkshop@misd.net. Be sure to include the PDF of the board you want printed, indicate the finished size of the board, and the type of lamination you need (regular or heavy duty).

MISD's core vocabulary board for augmentative-alternative communication
Core 32
MISD core 32 vocabulary board with more space and no color-coding.
Core 32 with more space
MISD core 32 board with high contrast symbols
Core 32 with high contrast
MISD core 60 board with symbols and labels for 60 core words and some early morphemes. Words are color-coded.
Core 60
MISD Core 96 board with 96 symbols and words, early morphemes, folders of categories, and color-coding by part of speech
Core 96
MISD 209 board with 209 core symbols and words, early morphemes, color-coding, folders of categories
Core 209

MISD Core Vocabulary for Speech-Generating Devices (SGDs)

For access to the MISD core vocabulary on an SGD with recorded speech (e.g. GoTalk 32, TechSpeak 32) or an AAC app (i.e. Proloquo2Go, TouchChat, and TD Snap), email Jaimie Fons.

Personalizing Individual AAC Systems

AssistiveWare's article "Personalizing your AAC system and vocabulary" can also support ease of use and buy-in for the AAC user.

The MISD Newly Purchased Device Checklist is available to support the process once a device is acquired for an AAC user. For access, email Jaimie Fons.

The MISD Newly Purchased Device Checklist will support the basic steps involved for setting up a communication device with personalization and team support.
Getting Started Checklist