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Language: Targeting Core Vocabulary Acquisition

Core vocabulary model ing and instruction should go on throughout everyday. It is  also recommended that teachers plan to focus on the meanings of some core vocabulary at a designated time each day when a book or a song or interactive activity is used. Making this part of the routine, naming it  as a spot on the schedule are ways to assure it happens everyday.

Text exchange between a parent and a teacher about an AAC user using a phrase at home that was the vocabulary target in school that week.

Planning Vocabulary Instruction

  • Identify the number of words that will be targeted per time period.
  • Identify which words will be taught together and the sequence to teach them.
  • Ensure that all learners have vocabulary targets: core vocabulary and challenge words for more advanced communicators.
  • Determine a weekly routine for teaching vocabulary that offers repetition with variety (e.g. books, songs, structured language activities, games, art experiences, method of review).
  • Identify and organize a variety of specific instructional materials to target the words to maximize engagement and comprehension

Choosing a Vocabulary Source

Resources and Materials for Teaching Vocabulary